Private Company Services

With the multi-faceted challenges of today’s market, companies can and should create strong interest within the financial community well before a proposed public offering. Early attention from bankers and analysts has never been more important. A single well-placed story in the business media can leapfrog a company to prominence with potential investors, bankers and analysts, ultimately leading to a higher valuation.

Our goal is to create communications programs to support the company’s financial efforts – whether planning an IPO, securing a late-stage round of financing or creating a presentation for bankers or industry analysts. We understand private companies may be cash-constrained; our services are cost-effective programs that position us as partners for long-term success. We are experienced in working with venture capitalists and Street-savvy CEOs and CFOs, as well as companies with less extensive public company or IPO experience.

Our private company services include:

  • Developing/refining messaging to Wall Street
  • Financial and industry analyst outreach
  • Presentation preparation and training
  • IPO banker selection recommendations
  • M&A strategy
  • Financial and corporate releases
  • Investment conferences
  • Peer group/competitive analysis
  • Business and financial media
  • Industry analyst programs
  • Disclosure training

What Our Clients Say

Blueshirt client Roku ringing the opening bell on Nasdaq.