Activism Defense

All companies, regardless of size are susceptible to activist attacks. At Blueshirt, we have extensive real-life experience in advising companies on how to engage with activist shareholders. Our Activism Defense Practice is geared towards helping our clients proactively manage activist risk in real-time. We utilize our deep knowledge about how and why activist targets companies to:

  • Identify and monitor key vulnerabilities from an activist perspective;
  • Develop an activist defense playbook and response plan; and
  • Provide strategic counsel around corporate governance issues in advance of proxy season.

Crisis Communications

Every company faces moments when communications are truly critical to future success. When your company faces a crisis, you need a team that’s experienced and can manage the impact on Wall Street and in the financial media. We apply years of experience and diverse perspectives from Wall Street, corporate communications and the financial media to our clients’ specific challenges. That’s why our clients tell us we provide accurate, sensible, strategic counsel, combined with solid execution.

Our experience can help your company through challenging communications including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Significant changes in guidance/business outlook
  • Earnings “surprises”
  • Executive and Board changes
  • Executive compensation issues
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Product recalls
  • Activist investors
  • Hostile takeovers


Blueshirt has significant experience anticipating and dealing with activist investors. Once activists are identified, Blueshirt creates a plan to highlight the company’s vulnerabilities and strengths, anticipate activist demands and potential responses and works with its clients to mobilize an effective campaign. Email us at for specific activist case studies.

What Our Clients Say

Blueshirt client Roku ringing the opening bell on Nasdaq.